No Cosigner Student Loans are Available


No Cosigner Student Loans

No cosigner student loans are available out there so don’t assume you can’t get one. Too often people feel that they must have a cosigner to borrow funding for their education. Yet it is a huge responsibility for a cosigner to take on. If the borrower defaults, they are liable for the funds that are owed. Many students find it is embarrassing to ask friends or family members to cosign for them. Such a financial obligation can also strain those relationships to the point where they can’t be savaged. There are also those students that simply don’t have someone that can co-sign for them. Yet they do have a sincere desire to complete their education.

You will find you have better results and jump through fewer hoops if you go with those no cosigner student loans that are backed by the Federal government. They have designed these programs to make it possible for people to get the money they need if they really want to go to college.

Federal student loans don’t require a credit check and they don’t require a cosigner for students to obtain them. However, you do need to complete a FAFSA first which will determine your financial need. Federal student loans that fall into this particular category are need based.

PLUS Loans are offered to parents of students enrolled in college and to graduate students. These PLUS Loans aren’t need based and they don’t require a cosigner. There is also no collateral on them and a fixed rate of interest of 7.9%. However, to be eligible the applicant must have very good credit.

There are private lenders out there as well that offer no cosigner student loans. If you are thinking of going that route, you want to work with a lender you have a reputation with. For example your bank where you have a loan, checking account, savings account, and even other accounts.

They will know your history and that means you will be able to look favorable to them if your accounts are all in good standing. If you have had those accounts for several years that is another plus in your corner. They will see you as a consumer that is responsible and that will most likely pay back the no cosigner student loan. Your merit will be good enough for them to base their lending decision upon.

Now that you know that a no cosigner student loan for college are available, you can look into them to see how they can help you to pay for college. There is no denying that the expenses relating to an education are high. Yet the value they offer in terms of your stability and earnings over your lifetime will more than pay off so it is a wise investment in your future.

On a side note, no cosigner student loans are the best way to get what you need on your own. Most people don’ t like to ask for a cosigner due to the responsibility that they put on the other party. However, if you don’t have any credit or you have poor credit you may have no choice but to ask someone to sign on your behalf so that you can get money to attend college with – if you go with a private lender and not a Federal student loan program.

Always look at ways to pay for college first that don’t require you to take out loans. For example work study, Pell Grants and scholarships. If you do need to use student loans without a cosigner, really think about how much money you need. Don’t borrow more than you need to just because you are eligible for it.

With a loan you do have to repay the funds, with interest so do all you can to complete your education owing as little as possible. Keep in mind that even if you don’t finish a college program you will have to repay those loans. As a result you need to be ready to focus on school before you go after no cosigner student loans.


  1. I am a single parent and a student as well. My son is now ready for college, didn’t do well in high school due to an ADD problem; he pulled through and graduated and was accepted into college. I was out of a job for over a year and by now you know where I’m going. I have tried every bank, every site that lured me into getting a loan without a cosigner, and all of them have turned us down. My child is all hyped up for college and if he doesn’t get the loan by August 1, he cannot start school. So you tell me why would I assume I can’t get a loan, when I have tried all. So you please direct me to the site that offers loans without a cosigner. Thank you!!

  2. Faith,

    your son must apply for the loan to get a no cosigner student loan. It must be a government sponsored loan program – ie…go to:

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